Study shows that women are grumpier without sleep

Scientists at North Carolina’s Duke University have found that lack of sleep is ore detrimental to women’s health than it is to men. The research claims that most ladies just don’t get enough sleep and that this lack of sleep puts them at a higher risk of depression, blood clot and heart disease. This lack of sleep also leaves women with a higher level of “inflammation markers”. These are associated with pain and thanks to these higher inflammation markers, women can often wake up in pain.

Study claims that women’s brains are smaller than men’s but more energy efficient

Ok ladies, before you decide to take out a candle march protesting against the “findings” that say that women’s brains are smaller than men’s you have got to know that this is actually a great thing for us. Yes, strictly physiologically speaking our brains are smaller in size than men’s. And yes, it is also true that the neurons in our brains are lesser in number in comparison to men’s brains. But what’s really interesting to know is that our brains are actually more efficient than men’s.

Women have a lower quality of life despite living longer than men

MedUni Vienna’s Institute of Gender Medicine has presented a rather startling gender-specific study that coincided with global International Women’s Day celebrations. According to its latest studies, the quality of life that women have is significantly worse than that of men in terms of health despite the fact that women actually live longer.

The New Women’s Movement sees ladies create jobs while working from home

The women’s movement of the 1970s saw women leave home and join the workforce in unprecedented numbers. However, according to a new report by, women today are quitting the workforce in unprecedented numbers to work in self-owned startups that they run right from their homes. Not only does it give them the satisfaction of being able to stay closer to home, it also enables them to become job creators and business owners. For the last 20 years, women have been creating small and micro businesses from home at a higher rate than men. By 2018, new small business jobs created by women entrepreneurs are expected to hit the 4.86 million mark.


Working women in UK saving more than men despite earning less

According to a study conducted by British bank Halifax, working women in the country are saving more money than their male counterparts despite the fact that they are earning less than men. Even though women in general have a bad reputation for spending too much on items of vanity like clothes, makeup, salon treatments, shoes etc., the report shows that they do in fact save a lot more than men despite taking home a lesser pay cheque. The report suggests that women save an average of 500 pounds more than men. In terms of savings from annual salary, women saved around 41 percent in comparison to just 23 percent saved from annual salary by men.


Top 4 self defense moves for women

Even the safest country in the world cannot ensure women the kind of security from attackers as they should.. Women should also learn a few basic self defense moves to ensure their security in case of an attack. These moves are designed to incapacitate an attacker and leave him stunned and stinging for just long enough that you can escape or call for help.

1. Eye Gouge


‘Chick lit’ heroines may lower women’s body image and self esteem

According to a new study conducted by Virginia Tech, depiction of women in supposedly female perspectives chick lit could actually make their female readers feel significantly bad about their own bodies. The study shows that the fictional heroines in these books often have a self-scrutinizing streak and reading about the same can have a detrimental effect on the women reading them. Chick lit where the protagonist was depicted as being obsessed or worried about her weight and body often made the women reading the book very uncomfortable too.


Doctors suggest that invasive cryopreservation shouldn’t be used by young, fertile women

Cryopreservation is a radical new procedure that is being used by women at risk of losing their fertility to cancer treatments to improve their chances of conceiving a child after they are cancer free. An Aussie woman opted to have her ovarian tissue removed and cryogenically frozen before she began chemotherapy for breast cancer in 2005. Last year, after she was declared cancer free, the menopausal breast cancer survivor had her frozen ovarian tissue reimplanted following which she began ovulating again and was able to conceive. She is currently in the second trimester of her pregnancy.


Whitaker International to reinvent women-centric marketing at 2013 Marketing to Women Conference

We really don’t know when and where the first advertisements began though we do know that in today’s world, almost every consumer purchase is driven by incessant marketing processes. In the first half of last century, print ads began using public advisories to propagate how the use of a certain product could make life easier for housewives and their kids. Such was the influence of these ads that they established orange juice, cereal eggs and bacon as the ideal breakfast of choice across the world replacing habits that had been in place for centuries. As the feminist revolution swept across the world, advertisers began targeting the new liberated woman and tweaked it “advice-like” tone to one that appealed to women’s sense of contemporary trends. As the influence and extent of media grew, so did advertising.