3 Simple but Trendy Women’s Bracelet Styles

Woman wearing bracelet and ring

3 Simple but Trendy Women’s Bracelet Styles

Woman wearing bracelet and ringBracelets top the list of the most worn ornaments by women, men, and children and with good reason too. A well-picked bracelet can be a final flourish to an outfit. It can be a means of expression; I wear because I am.

Bracelets are one of the custom jewelry sold in Salt Lake City that draws attention to the hands and wrist. Their gentle jingle serves as a reminder of their presence and serves both the average day outing or the festive occasion. Below are three stylish bracelets you should have in your arsenal:

Bangle bracelets

These bracelets are rigid rings that you slip onto the wrist over the hand. They look better when you wear them in multiples. You can mix bangles made from different materials such as leather, copper, beads, wood, silver, and gold.

This bracelet has refused to go out of fashion, perhaps because it is often inexpensive but elegant.

Charm bracelets

A decade ago, charm bracelets were for little girls, but they have now matured into the mainstream market.

They typically start with a chain that fits the wrist linked with a dangling charm. Since the owner determines their charm, it has a significant meaning to them. Jewelers have started offering custom-made charms on order.

Cuff bracelets

Cuff bracelets are statement pieces. They can be plain or elaborate. Unlike bangles, cuffs have openings that allow you to slide over but once in the wrist, they hug it snugly. The bracelet comes in many designs and styles to suit every preference.

As a rule of thumb, buy bracelets with an outfit in mind. Nothing is as disappointing as investing money in jewelry and finding that you have nothing to accessorize with it. It is always wise to shop for jewelry and clothing at the same time. Always keep in mind the material of the bracelet too.