3 Types of Handbags Every Woman Must Own

A gorgeous woman

3 Types of Handbags Every Woman Must Own

A gorgeous womanBags are the most functional accessories in your closet. Not only are they useful for carrying your belongings, but they also polish your look. And now that you can buy women’s handbags online from shops such as Elaine Turner, the available choices have invariably increased.

There are so many price points in every color and design imaginable so that it can be overwhelming. If that is you, overwhelmed by the choices, here are three handbags you will need to complete almost any look.

The leather satchel

A leather bag is quite the magic wand of accessories. A medium to a large bag can hold almost everything you want. The tradeoff though is to choose a neutral color, perhaps black or brown otherwise it will be hard to couple with other outfits.

Colors like beige also stain easily. If you can, also avoid bags with many logos because they will quickly date your bag. As a pro tip, pick a bag your size, otherwise, it will not look good on you.

The day clutch

If you can deal with removing some contents of your bag, a day clutch is an excellent choice. It is small enough to lift the feeling of bulkiness yet big enough to carry necessities such as lipstick and some more make up.

Try to pick one with many pockets and dimension so that you will not need extra containers to fit in your things. You can try different colors with this one, and it will almost always work.

The cross-body

If you are looking forward to an active day, this kind of bag will afford you the freedom to move as you wish with your necessities close, all this, while looking better than if you carried a backpack.

A good cross-body will wow you with its strap; it will be stylish, sturdy, adjustable and comfortable to work around. Pick a medium sized bag otherwise; it beats the purpose.

With these bag types, looking stylish is one step easier. Often, if you pick the right color and size, these bags will take a life of their own and stand out in a way that makes you look trendy. Few bags can pull this off while still being fully functional.