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Dress up with stunning timepieces from Fossil

If you are looking for some new and trendy timepieces, then nothing can beat this fresh Boyfriend range of watches from Fossil to keep you on time and in style. You can now adorn your wrist with a timepiece that is inspired from big over-sized dial, which is typical to men’s style of watches, but has been redesigned to suit your desire of bold features and confirms to multi-functionality. Defined by combination and contrast, the Boyfriend range by Fossil is available in wide range with its “natural texture, vintage color and pieced patchwork”. Furthermore, the material used for casing and strap varies from leather to plastic to brass. To provide you with the essence of elegance and style, the Fossil watches are available in different designs and ranges to fit every wallet. Via: Watchshopuk

Watchphones: Samsung S9110 vs. LG GD910

Soon after LG announced of the release of its first watchphone early this year, Samsung punched the release of S9110 touchscreen watchphone. The new Samsung watchphone is worlds thinnest watchphone at 11.98mm that is 2mm slimmer than its competitor LG GD910, which is 13.9mm thick. In addition, it manages to grasp out few more features into it’s small body, including a touchscreen 1.76inches as compared to its competitor which has a touchscreen of 1.43inches.Samsung S9110 will not be able to make video calls for it does not have 3G connectivity support as in LG GD910. Flash interface, MP3 player, voice recognition, text-to speech, Bluetooth connectivity are some of the features common in both the competitors, just that LG GD910 has a reduced internet capability as compared to Samsung S9110. LG GD910 comes with a high quality metal casing whereas, Samsung S9110 is crafted from stainless steel with a scratch resistant glass to protect its screen. Personally, I would love to go for the Samsung one as it’s sleek, slim and packs good features under a reasonable price tag. Which one will you go for? Via: Cnet/Gizmag

Cool payphone key bracelet with original keys

There are so many things that we lose track of with time as newer alternatives take their place. There was a time when people could only rely on payphones to speak to loved ones, now we cannot imagine life without a cellphone. 19 Moons had designed a bracelet that would remind you of the fast vanishing payphones. Not because it resembles the keys but uses original ones. The keys are mounted on a sterling silver plated base. So, own a piece of history and wear it too. Via: Geeksugar

Hello kitty launches cute goodies for your car

Admit it or not, no matter how long ago childhood was, we girls are still in love with Hello Kitty. At least I always involuntarily stop when I happen to see any of their products while shopping. From bedrooms, to kitchen, to bathrooms, Hello Kitty stuff has always adorned these corners of any gals home. Now it’s turn for your car to be personalized with these cute products. First is the Hello Kitty Seat Belt Pad for a mere $19.99. The pad is in a gorgeous red and has a “How are you? “written on it. Then there’s this adorable Hello Kitty Air Freshener in baby pink. It’s sure to add fragrance to your car and a smile to your face. The egg shaped air freshener retails for just $12.49. Via: girlygadgets