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Find a friend in Fidbit sleep and fitness tracker

Fidbit will soon launch a new pedometer cum wireless tracker for all those fitness freaks who take their exercise regime very seriously. This tiny portable device is a must have for every new-age tech savvy girl. Want to get a better idea of your sleeping pattern at night? All you need to do is fix the tracker to a wristband and it will record everything your body is up to while you sleep. It will provide useful information like the number of times you woke up at night or the amount of time it took you to fall asleep. Fidbit had been optimized for walking and running. It covers all daily routine activities but may not prove ideal for biking. This water-resistant device had an OLED display which displays your steps, distance, calories and overall activity level. Fidbit works on a motion sensor which senses motion in 3D and converts it into useful information. You can access your data from Fidbit website, which automatically gets uploaded there through auto-sync software. This pedometer is a great way to motivate yourself to improve in your day to day activities. You can preorder this device due to be launched in August for an amazingly affordable price of $99.