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Women are inclined to change their job: Study

Recent study performed by the UK Chartered Management Institute (CMI), has suggested that women are inclined to change their job than they have for the past five years and that the ratio of resignation of women staff involving trainee and chief executive level is 7.8%, which happens to be the maximum level in the past five years. Although, women ascend the ladder of promotion faster than their male counterparts yet their respective incentives say a different story. The CMI postulated that incentives for women employees are 10.2% while men receive 13.8% of their income. Despite the weight of legislation and the reality that reward should match responsibility, gender bias seems to be getting worse, not better, said the director of marketing and corporate affairs at the company Jo Causon. Fiona Price, the creator of Diva-Biz added that a new networking website was initiated that aims at providing support and help for today’s businesswomen. Fiona Price says: Undoubtedly, women generally do business in a different way to men and need different business support with an emphasis on role models, networking and mentoring. Diva-Biz aims to provide a local, national, even international network for business women and provide the inspiration which is missing to get women into business and aim for the top.