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Seura The One: Fall in love with your mirror

Indulge in luxury and technology at the same time with Seura The One HDTV mirror, the latest tech enhanced mirror from the company. The mirror comes with a 19″ high-definition LCD embedded in it. The slender mirror is only one inch thick which lends it the advantage of being integrated anywhere with ease. Talking about its tech specifications, the LCD has a 16:9 wide-screen ratio, 1080P, PC/HDMI input, ATSC/NTSC tuner and a waterproof remote control. Although, it comes at a hefty price of $3500, it might make you fall in love with your bathroom.

Salter Scale Mirror scale reminds you of time and extra fats

If you have a small bathroom and you are looking for Space saving two-in-one bathroom solutions, then here lies the answer- Salter Mirror Scale. This exceptional Salter Mirror Scale acts as a mirror, clock and weighting scale. It’s a 500 x 500mm bathroom mirror complete with a LCD clock that conceals behind it a slim electronic scale. The LCD display of the digital clock shows you the weight on activation, but when hidden behind the mirror it displays time. Price: £49.99. Via: Switchedonset