A Look Into the Best Clothing Franchises For 2018

A Look Into the Best Clothing Franchises For 2018

Franchise opportunity textMany clothing stores remain in business in the U.S. despite the popularity of online retail because people still want to try on items before buying them.

Some of the best clothing franchise business opportunities for 2018 only require low initial fees. Apricot Lane agrees that this is another reason people still want to be involved in the apparel industry.

Best Franchises

If your target market wants fashion-forward clothes, a trendy Apricot Lane boutique franchise is a good fit for you. You might need to spend $34,500 on an initial franchise fee inclusive of brand name rights, training, and technology support. Some stores are often located in shopping malls and other high-traffic spots.

Those who like to dress up children may consider a franchise with successful brands, such as Kid to Kid, although it requires a hefty initial investment fee costing between $247,980 and $373,480. Whether you want a franchise that has a high or low initial investment, there may be some cases when it may be wise to choose an established brand.

Established Presence

New brands generally offer a low-cost initial franchising fee, but this shouldn’t be your sole basis for buying a franchise. Think about the true cost of signing up for a certain brand. Each company offers a different set of supporting tools and resources for its franchisees.

For instance, an established brand may charge a higher initial investment fee, but it may already include support for employee recruitment and marketing campaigns. In the end, you may save money by paying a premium on joining fees if it means having access to several benefits.

A clothing franchise business is a good option since you no longer need to worry about starting a business from scratch. But consider the benefits of buying a franchise from an established brand to increase the chances of success.