A Man’s Guide to Wearing Boots

A Man’s Guide to Wearing Boots

A pair of cowboy bootsFor women, wearing heels is a fashion statement. For men, it’s wearing boots. Gone are the days when you can only see boots in the Wild West. Now, they are in urban areas, concrete jungles, and even formal occasions. Boots have come a long way, and if you are someone who has not yet tried wearing one, maybe it’s time you should.

Whether you bought your men’s cowboy boots on sale or had been eyeing a pricey branded one, here is a guide from A.A. Callister to help you wear and walk in them.

1. Know the types

There are different types of boots. The three most famous ones are as follows. Chelsea boots are a crowd favorite — not only are they stylish, but they are also easy to wear. Balmoral boots are classics that go with formal outfits. Then there are winter boots. These boots might be more casual than the others, but it will definitely keep your feet warm in style.

2. Identify your style

Like with ordinary shoes, your boots should match the occasion. Wear a Balmoral when you take your girl to a fine dining restaurant. Your boots should match not just the occasion but also your style. Your top and your shoes should be complementary.

3. Consider comfort

Women sacrifice comfort for fashion, and so do men. Different kinds of boots have fit differently, and it might take a while to break yours in. Learn how to do so without compromising on comfort. If you are impatient, invest in good boots that are already the perfect fit.

4. Invest in quality

This goes hand in hand with comfort. Aside from making your feet happy, quality boots can definitely last you a long time. That is, of course, with proper care and maintenance.

Lastly, and the most important tip of all, is to wear boots with confidence. It is a fashion statement, and you should wear it as one. Let your shoes lead you to where you will go, confidently.