An Insight into Sunglasses Lens Materials

An Insight into Sunglasses Lens Materials

Girl With SunglassesThe sunglass possibilities are vast and there are a wide variety of brands and styles available to choose from. Buying sunglasses, however, is not a matter of picking a convenience store and grabbing the first one you see. There are many considerations when buying quality sunglasses, one of them is the lens material.

There are different materials suited for various activities and occasions. You can consider purchasing sunglasses wholesale to ensure you get the right lens material for different events. You can also pick different colours and lens coating to spruce up your wardrobe.

Here are the essential materials you should consider for your sunglass lenses.

Optical Glass Lenses

Manufacturers polish these lenses to standards for a distortion-free image. Sunglasses made from optical glass lenses are scratch resistant and extremely durable. They, however, tend to be costlier compared to other sunglasses.

The lens material sometimes spiders or completely breaks on impact, making these sunglasses hazardous when doing strenuous activities or sports.


For people who are always shaking or moving, this plastic lens material is the ideal choice. It is a scratch resistant and light material with high levels of visual clarity. Polycarbonate is 50 times more resistant to impact compared to optical glass.

It is the ideal option for strong and distortion-free sports sunglasses. It, however, has less optic clarity than NXT polyurethane and optical glass.

NXT Polyurethane

This is a top-of-the-line lens material. It combines the benefits and performance capabilities of polycarbonates and optical glass. NXT lenses combine well with Trivex, which is an advanced polymer with high impact resistance and excellent visual clarity.

For buyers willing to spend a hefty sum of cash on sunglasses, NXT lenses are the superior option.

There are other materials for the lens of sunglasses like acrylic, which is an inexpensive choice for casual and fashion sunglasses. Its main downsides are less optical clarity and limited durability. Choose well.