Basic Essentials for an Awesome Cocktail Party

group of friends drinking liquor shots

Basic Essentials for an Awesome Cocktail Party

group of friends drinking liquor shotsSummer cocktail parties are best spent with some amazing friends. That is why it is essential to look for great party venues in Kansas City that can accommodate your guests. But before you start making a call for a venue and reserving a slot, you might want to know a few basic essentials to help you become a cocktail wizard.

Basic ingredients for cocktails

You won't be able to make an awesome cocktail without the right set of ingredients. Here are a few basic ingredients that you need for mixing drinks. You need to have the right liquor like gin, bourbon, whiskey, tequila, scotch, and Kahlua. You may also need to have a few pieces of mixers in case you need to make a few flavors. Make sure that you have the right tonic water for the drink. Garnishes to make it pretty and a fresh source of quality ice are also essential. Freezer ice cubes will not work because they may pick up some flavor from your frozen food.

Colorful appetizers

Your party will not be complete without some appetizers. Making a few fruity starter snacks can be a great addition to your table. They can even make your table setup look more colorful. Just make sure that you have toothpicks so that your guests can easily grab a few of those sweet snacks.

Perfect cocktail glasses

Lastly, you may want to step up the game by using great-looking cocktail glasses to serve the drinks. If you are out of a budget, creating a few DIY cocktail glasses would definitely work as well.

These are just a few basic things that you need to prepare when planning a cocktail party. It is always best to have everything carefully planned and set up so that your party will run smoothly once the day arrives.