Basic Types of Skis for Women

Women with skis

Basic Types of Skis for Women

Women with skisIf you are new to skiing, you may not realize that there are different types of skis. Generally, skis designed for women are different from those designed for men. This is because of differences in strength, foot size, and weight placement. You can find women’s skis for sale at stores like Pedigree Ski Shop. Here is a brief overview of the basic ski types.

All-mountain Skis

Most women choose this type of ski because it works well under most snow and speed conditions. If you are a beginner, you want this type of ski because you have no idea yet what kind of skier you will be. It is also a good set of skis if you only want one set. The one decision you have to make is the waist width. The waist is the narrowest part of the ski. You want a set with a smaller waist if you plan to stick to groomed runs. If you’re going to try deeper snow, choose one with a wider waist.

Twin-tip Skis

If you have a bit more experience on the snow and want to do some freestyle or trick skiing, you may want to choose twin tips. Also known as freestyle skis, these have turned up tips and tails. These allow you to land either forward or backward.

Powder Skis

Designed for deep snow, powder skis are significantly wider than all-mountain skis. The extra width gives more stability on the snow, keeping the skier on top instead of sinking in the powder. The problem with powder skis is that they do not turn well on groomed runs because of their width. People in areas where deep snow is common usually own a set of all-mountain skis as well as powder skis. Some people call them big mountain or backcountry skis. Powder skis come with a flat back as well as twin tips.

Racing Skis

Racing skis work only on flat, groomed run. They are long, narrow and flexible to allow the skier to go very fast and turn quickly on firm snow, although the turning circle is quite long. It makes them the ideal set for the slalom. However, for people used to shorter skis, it takes some practice.

The type of skis you choose will depend on what you want to do on the slopes. In most cases, all-mountain skis are your best option. A sale is a perfect opportunity to get high-quality skis.