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Invisalign Braces

Transformation Station: Invisalign In Harley Street

Why do humans voluntarily seek out medical treatment? Why opt to spend more time in the doctor’s consulting room or the dentist’s chair than is strictly necessary? The answer can be found in one word: transformation. Humans love to see and feel themselves transform and witness it in others. How else to explain the continued […]

Work and Play: 3 Fun Ideas for Your Next Corporate Team Building Exercise

One of the biggest contributors to a company’s continued success is its workforce. A company with a team of employees who trust one another and work together as one can achieve goals and objectives much faster and more efficiently than teams that don’t have this synergy. While the best teams take years to build that […]

4 Safety Sun Protection Tips Everybody Needs to Know

Have you noticed that the past summers have been hotter compared to when you were younger? Getting sun protection has never been more important than it is today. Whether you’re hanging out at the beach or working on a construction site, taking the necessary precautions when going under the sun is crucial to your health. […]

Understanding the Differences: Bath Gels, Body Wash, and Bar Soap

Standing in the grocery aisle contemplating whether you should grab a bar soap, a body wash, or a bath gel is a common scene. After all, with numerous advertisements in television and print, knowing which the right one for your skin can really be confusing. Therefore, it pays to understand the difference between a shower and […]

woman in waxing clinic

Get a Brazilian Wax for a Different Summer Adventure

Getting a wax job can’t be any sexier than a Brazilian. There is an impression that there are more Brazilian wax jobs in Midvale during the summer. This is just a general impression, but women are motivated to have a hair removal procedure during summer or bikini season. Step by Step Having a Brazilian is an interesting procedure, […]

Keeping Teeth Healthy in Mackay

People needing dental treatment in Mackay and across Australia want their trips to the dentist to be as stress-free as possible. Showing up at a new dental practice can be a scary experience for some, especially when they are experiencing a dental emergency. While people can keep their teeth in good condition by visiting their […]

Salt Sprinkled on Table

Pass the Salt: Signs You Need to Cut Back on Sodium Intake

You probably know that eating too much salt is bad for your health, but the sad part is, many of us are unaware that we’ve fallen into this trap. Due to the fact that salt is used in almost everything consumables (e.g., packaged and canned foods, home and restaurant cooking, and bottled beverages), it is […]

Woman Trying to Pop a Pimple

Acne Problems: When Should You See a Dermatologist?

While you don’t immediately have to a see a dermatologist the moment you get a pimple, you shouldn’t ignore or wait until your breakout is really bad. When you wait until your acne becomes too difficult to treat, you will likely need intensive or costlier cosmetic products and treatments. Acne treatment experts in Provo note […]

How to Make the Most of Botox Injections

Botox injections in Salt Lake City is a quick and non-invasive way to make wrinkles less noticeable. The treatment itself takes just a few minutes. You could get them during your lunch break if you want. However, you should do, and not do some things before and after Botox injections. You will make the most […]

What are Dental Implants?

Patients who have experienced wearing dentures, whether full or partial will understand some of the many drawbacks. Dentures require rigorous cleaning, to be removed at night-time, they can move around uncomfortably while talking and eating, and some find the experience embarrassing. What denture wearers may not know however is that opting for dentures is also […]

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