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muscle soreness treatment

How to Make Muscle Soreness Go Away with Natural Remedies

You cannot go to a Winchester personal training studio without feeling some type of soreness after your workout, which is why you will probably need to keep some ibuprofen in your kit. However, taking prescription medicines all the time is not a good thing. Medicines may cause damage to your organs when used for a prolonged time, which is why […]

The Advantages of Evidence-Based Practice in Helping to Recover from Substance Abuse

There are different schools of thought about residential and out-patient rehabilitation. This includes the concept of evidence-based as against research-based treatments. How is one different from the other? The website explains the concept of evidence-based practice (EBP) to substance abuse. Evidence-Based The main feature of rehab is that the substance abuser is in a new environment […]

Close-up of man's hands breaking a cigarette

How to Support Someone to Quit Smoking

For many lifetime smokers, quitting can be a very challenging and delicate process – nagging definitely does not help, and quitting cold turkey does not always work. Just like any other form of addiction, cigarette addiction takes a holistic healing process, a strong support system, and most of all, a self-driven recovery program. Aside from […]

What is the Impact of Stress to Your Mind and Body?

Stress is part of life. But there are practical ways of managing it. A great way to de-stress and contemplate on what’s genuinely vital in life is to go on a spiritual yoga holiday or practise meditation every day. Without proper stress management, you put your mind and body at risk for multiple problems. More […]

Hydrate and Protect Your Skin at the Same Time

Moisturisers are very important in keeping the skin healthy. But it is not enough that you simply moisturise. With the depleting ozone layer, it is extremely important that you and everybody else apply a sunscreen to protect your skin from the harmful effects of the UVB and UVA rays of the sun. This is especially […]

Preparing for a Day of Tanning

The secret to getting an even tan is preparing for it. You do not just wake up one day and decide you will do the tanning that very moment. Your skin needs to be ready, ideally days in advance, but if you are running short on time, preparing a day or two beforehand should already […]

Healthy Smile and Teeth

Transform Your Teeth, Transform Your Smile

A smile is one of the most beautiful and most recognisable emotion in the world. It lets you know someone likes you and that you are special. But not all smiles are equal. Fortunately, anyone can develop a great smile if they follow their dentist’s advice. Remove teeth discolouration Discolored teeth can quickly take away […]

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