10 must-have bathroom accessories for certified geeky gals

Often the bathroom is the most ignored and unappreciated corner of the house, but not for geeky girls. People crazy about tech can make the most out of their bathrooms to make it as geeky as possible. Here is a list of ten chic and geeky accessories a geeky girl must have in her bathroom. • iShower Curtains for the Mac Lover A shower curtain for the genuine Mac addict, it emulates the iPod commercials featuring bright backgrounds and black silhouettes. the curtains will not only brighten your bathroom, but give it a signature Mac look. • Remote Controlled Showerhead for the tech freak This hi-tech shower head will follow all your commands and give you what you want at the press of a button. Bring home the ultimate automated shower experience by Newform’s remote controlled showerhead. The showerhead features settings for chromotherapy by therapeutic colored lighting. It also has settings for radio and temperature. • Waterproof iPod Speaker for the bathroom adventurer Get the ultimate hands-free music experience in your bathtub with the Zumreed waterproof speakers in the shape of raindrops. Compatible with iPod or any portable MP3 players, it can connect to the music players via the onboard stereo mini jack and can control the iPod with its 4 white buttons on the outside. • Bar Code Shower door for lending a tech look to your shower This decorative shower door by designer Antonio Lupi will lend a very geeky touch to your bathroom’s ambiance. The design will also give you some privacy and satiate your want for geeky bathroom accessories. • Toothbrush sanitizer for the hygiene freak The first portable toothbrush sanitizer, Violet Duo helps you ensure safety of your toothbrush at home or while traveling by eliminating up to 99.9% germs thriving on your toothbrushes. To use all you need to do is to insert toothbrushes, close the lid and the 7 minutes sanitizing cycle will start and end automatically. • Shape shifting bathtub for the variety freak Most bathtubs look alike and lack creativity when it comes to design. However, this convertible bathtub soothes you just like the regular tubs and rotates the bath to make it ideal for showering. The concept was designed by Arad with the help of Italian bathroom design brand Teuco. • Bathroom Mirror MP3 Player for the American Idol You don’t want to get your soapy hands on your iPod in the bathroom, but what could be a better place to listen to your fav music and sing along. Enter, Stocco Maitre Bathroom Mirror MP3 player which has a touchscreen interface on the surface of the mirror which can control a radio, MP3 player. Other features included in the mirror are a barometer and clock. A must-have for all geeks. • Water powered Shower Light for the eco-friendly geek Here is the ultimate must have for the geek with a soft corner for eco-friendly products. Sylvian LED Ecolight Water Powered Shower Light, will brighten up your shower without the need of any electricity. Reason being, the LED light draws power from the flow of water. Besides, there is a sensor which will light up blue light on cold water and red on hot. • Waterproof LCD for the bathtub potato Indulge in luxury and technology at the same time with Seura The One HDTV mirror, the latest tech enhanced mirror from the company. The mirror comes with a 19″ high-definition LCD embedded in it. The slender mirror is only one inch thick which lends it the advantage of being integrated anywhere with ease. • iPod Toilet paper holder for the certified geek Now, this is what we call an ultimate gadget for a geek’s haven. The holder has four moisture-free speakers, a charging dock along with adjustable spacers for various iPod models. And yes there is still room for the basic purpose; it has an attached toilet paper holder too.