Find the Right Engagement Ring Size of Your Beloved

Find the Right Engagement Ring Size of Your Beloved

Proposal in the streetDo you plan to propose to your significant other in December too? No matter when you plan to do it, you eventually have to shop engagement rings in Utah. As you shop, you can easily determine the cost, style, and stone of the ring, but the size will pose difficulty.

How will you find the correct ring size without your significant other knowing?

Ring Sizing Principles

Before you attempt to find out your beloved’s ring size, you can keep two things in mind. First, a bigger ring will be better than a smaller ring since bigger rings can easily be shrunk. A bigger ring will also be less embarrassing during a proposal since you can still slip it on.

Second, you a ring with a plain band will also be easier to shrink than one with several stone settings.

Ask Family or Bring a Photo

With that, you can begin sizing up your partner’s ring finger. You can ask parents or friends if they know anything about your partner’s ring size. Alternately, you can bring a photo with a clear view of your partner’s left ring finger to a jeweler who can gauge the ring size range.

Ineffective Sizing Methods

You may get the idea of grabbing one of your partner’s rings or tracing the ring on a piece of paper. Unfortunately, this method rarely works since the rings your partner currently wears are most likely for other fingers than the left ring finger. You will be better off with the first two methods suggested.

More Sneaky Ways

Other effective methods include having your partner try on an engaged friend’s ring. You can ballpark the size from there. When asleep, you can even measure your partner’s ring finger with string or a thin piece of paper.

When you want to be even more mischievous, you can pretend you want to buy a ring for family and have your partner try a ring on.

You can try any of the methods above and see what works. You will soon be able to propose with the right ring.