Get a Brazilian Wax for a Different Summer Adventure

woman in waxing clinic

Get a Brazilian Wax for a Different Summer Adventure

woman in waxing clinicGetting a wax job can’t be any sexier than a Brazilian. There is an impression that there are more Brazilian wax jobs in Midvale during the summer. This is just a general impression, but women are motivated to have a hair removal procedure during summer or bikini season.

Step by Step

Having a Brazilian is an interesting procedure, and can be surprising for first-timers. Among other things, the customer will be asked to take it all off. Usually, the spa will provide a robe for you to cover yourself.

The waxer will usually discuss what you want, to avoid any misunderstanding. During the waxing, you will have to assist in holding the skin taut. She will also dust talcum powder on your skin to ensure the wax comes off easily.

Warm wax is applied to your front in areas of about one inch wide and three inches long. A strip of cloth will be placed over the wax and smoothened before ripping it off fast. First timers might bleed, but it is helpful to know that succeeding waxes would not be as painful.

The top goes first, followed by the sides before the labia get waxed. After the front is done, you would have to turn over for the area between your butt cheeks. You will have to spread your cheeks for the crack to be waxed.

After the waxing, the strays will be plucked with tweezers. The waxer will then apply lotion to your raw and very red skin. The whole procedure can be finished in 40 minutes.

Dos and Don’ts

After the waxing, you would have to avoid several things during the next few days. You would have to avoid exposing your newly waxed area to the sun; avoid swimming; avoid the sauna or hot yoga; avoid a sprayed tan; avoid intense workouts, and avoid rough sex. Showers are advised instead of baths. The use of fragrance-free products is also advised, as well as loose clothing.

Brazilian waxing can be a sensitive procedure, but it gets easier with later repeats. The procedure is straightforward and there is no need to be afraid of undergoing one.