Having a House Party? Here are Four Ways to Make It Awesome

Having a House Party? Here are Four Ways to Make It Awesome

Friends having a pool partyIf you’ve been to a house party before, you know that it has to be fun and exciting enough to keep your guests entertained. Weekly Quiz believes that you can turn the fun of a party up a notch by bringing a pub quiz to your own house. Or you can set up poker tables if your friends are into that. Here are four more ways to host an awesome house party your friends will never forget.

Hire a DJ

Music is an essential part of any party. And if you want to keep yours pumping from start to finish, a DJ is the answer. If you have a friend who knows his turntables, hire him. Or you can go with a professional DJ, too. These artists don’t play just anything; they match the music to the vibe of the party. You can never go wrong with hiring one.

Make it a Pool Party

If you have a backyard pool, set up the party there. If you don’t, you can always set up inflatables if your outdoor has enough space for it. Pool or wet parties give guest another fun option to spend time at your party.

Have a Variety of Easy-to-Eat Food

When people go to a house party, they won’t be expecting a sit-down, full-course meal. Just prepare a table with food you can eat with one hand. This way, guests can just pass by to get a quick bite and head right back to their friends.

Keep the Liquid Flowing

Alcohol or none, your drinks must always be readily available. If your guests prefer different kinds of liquor, make sure you have a good selection that’s enough to keep them partying. But remember that, as the host, you have to remain sober or at least assign someone to help you clean after.

Whether it’s for your birthday, a promotion, a housewarming, or just because you want to, throwing a house party has to be well planned for it to be a success. So, make sure to plan for rowdy guests and smoking guests. Don’t forget to secure your valuables and lock doors to rooms you don’t want to be part of the party mess. Then you can tell your friends that the only rule of your party is to have fun.