Here are the Reasons You Should Use a Base Primer

Here are the Reasons You Should Use a Base Primer

Primer and BlenderYou may have heard about base primers years ago, but have you ever thought of trying out one? Aside from keeping your makeup stay in place throughout the day, base primers, which are among Origani’s cosmetic products in the Philippines, have many other benefits.

Here are the top three reasons you should include a base primer in your daily makeup routine:

Protects and minimizes your pores

Do you want to minimize your pores? Using a liquid or cream foundation tends to emphasize your pores and clog them, making them look bigger than they really are. By using a primer, on the other hand, you are like putting a shield or a blanket over your pores. It fills the pores and helps make the makeup apply smoothly and more even. It also helps protect the pores, as the makeup will not seep deep into your skin.

Keeps you from breaking out

Most makeup products will cause acnes to get worse and later on, cause a breakout, but not base primers. They not only make the application of makeup easier but also protect your skin from developing acne. Choose one that is gentle, organic, and non-comedogenic, which means it will not clog your pores. In time, you will see your skin improving, and yourself saying goodbye to pimples and breakouts.

Makes you look younger

This one is definitely not a myth. Base primers can even out your fine lines and wrinkles temporarily, making you look more youthful and glowing. Foundation, eyeshadow, blush, and bronzers can easily seep into your skin, but base primers can stop that from happening.

Go ahead and grab your base primer today, and be amazed at how beneficial it really is for your skin.