How Much Does It Cost to Renovate a House in Singapore in 2018?

How Much Does It Cost to Renovate a House in Singapore in 2018?

a family looking at a houseHome-owners in Singapore should expect to spend $55,350 on average to renovate their homes for this year, although the price usually depends on the type of home.

Since most people choose to live in four-bedroom, 90-square-metre HDB flats, some may spend nearly $4,900 or even up to $110,000 to renovate their homes. The type of labour and materials also affect the overall renovation cost.

Price Factors

If you plan to renovate your plumbing system, for instance, it may cost $875 on average with prices for the bathroom and kitchen ranging between $270 and $400 each. Meanwhile, those who want to have a mini-garden on their balcony may have to spend an extra amount. It’s better to choose quality irrigation equipment and watering systems, such as sprinklers, spray pistols and tap connectors from Claber, due to the relatively strict building codes in Singapore.

Carpentry work may account for the biggest share of expenses at $24,000, followed by $11,625 for flooring and tiling services. Ceramic tiles are among the cheapest options for flooring materials at $3 per square foot, while granite is the opposite with $20 per square foot. Installation may range between $3 per square foot and $10 per square foot.

Professional Services

Those who have experience with home renovations may only need to hire a contractor to perform the work, which saves money. However, first-timers should be aware that contractors are only responsible for executing the project, so design and management responsibilities would fall on the client. An interior designer serves as an option to visualise your plan, but this will cost you money.

Design-build firms are a cross between the two, although these focus more on construction than design. Still, they are a good choice for people who have no time to create an interior plan for the renovation.

It’s quite expensive to renovate a home in Singapore. Despite the costs, this could even be your most expensive investment, so it makes sense to maintain it in good condition.