How to Make the Most of Botox Injections

How to Make the Most of Botox Injections

botox treatmentBotox injections in Salt Lake City is a quick and non-invasive way to make wrinkles less noticeable. The treatment itself takes just a few minutes.

You could get them during your lunch break if you want. However, you should do, and not do some things before and after Botox injections. You will make the most of your treatments that way.


Some medications do not play well with Botox injections. Ask your doctor if you can safely stop taking blood thinners. You should stop taking aspirin or ibuprofen a week or two before and after your treatment. These cause you to bruise more easily. You might also want to avoid taking Vitamin E.

Physical Activity

Be ready to break your exercise routine right after your treatment. Avoid doing any serious physical activity within 24 hours of your treatments. You need to give your body time to absorb the Botox before going to the gym.

If your work requires you to do any heavy lifting or extensive traveling, make sure you arrange to have the day off right after your treatment.


Avoid doing any hard partying and drinking alcohol for a few days before and a day after your treatment. This is to avoid developing bruises at the injection sites. Alcohol also tends to delay absorption of the Botox, and you do not want that.


You should take special care not to touch the injection sites with your hands for a few hours. You should also make sure you do not put any pressure on them for at least 24 hours.

Avoid rubbing or massaging the injection sites even if they feel uncomfortable. The discomfort should go away in a few hours. If it does not, consult your doctor immediately.

Botox injections have few side effects if you go to a reputable cosmetic surgery clinic. You may experience some discomfort and bruising. You can avoid most of that by following these tips.