How to Raise Salon Prices without Losing Clients

How to Raise Salon Prices without Losing Clients

Beautiful blonde female hairdresser holding scissors, comb and hairdryerKeeping your business on the right trajectory sometimes means adjusting your prices. The cost of equipment, supplies, labour and space has increased across the board. However, the majority of salon owners are hesitant about increasing their prices out of fear that this will alienate their customers. That’s a real possibility, but there are smart ways to raise your prices without affecting customer loyalty. Here are three of them.

Make Improvements

Clients are usually comfortable paying more if they can see tangible improvements in your services. Therefore, look for smart ways you can demonstrate that you are offering something more than you previously did. Along with the improved services, consider revamping your equipment, too. For instance, you can invest in high-end thinning shears.

Time the Increase Well

Increasing your prices at a time when your salon is facing negative reviews from begrudged customers is a sure way to lose your remaining clientele. It’s much smarter to wait for a time when your customers can’t stop praising your excellent work. In fact, when you are thinking about raising your prices, you need to spend a few months proving your worth first.

Explain the Increase

The last thing you want to do is ambush your faithful clients with an increase in price. Unless your clients have a valid explanation for the sudden change in price, they’ll speculate or invent one, and that may not be good for your business. Thus, make sure that every member of your team is on the same page and can effectively convey logical reasons why you needed to adjust prices.

Most salon owners hesitate to increase the price of their services because it might lead to client backlash, and they’re right. Nonetheless, by utilising the right tactics, you can retain your clients afterwards.