Learn More About These Three Scissors to Get Started in Hair-Styling

Learn More About These Three Scissors to Get Started in Hair-Styling

Hair stylist cutting woman's hairIf you want to be a famous hairstylist, mastering a pair of scissors isn’t enough — you need to master three. Short-blade scissors, long blade scissors and hair-thinning shears — sharpening your skills with these three scissors will build a strong foundation for your career in hairstyling.

Short-Blade Scissors

Your proficiency with short-blade scissors will probably dictate how far you can go as a hairstylist. These scissors are designed for precision work, and those tiny details are what make your clients happy.

Undercutting hair, cutting around the ear, or touching up to make sure everything is even — requires a certain control that only short-blade scissors can provide.

One factor to consider is that precision work is more exacting and a bit more time-consuming than regular cutting — so it’s best to choose comfortable scissors that fit your hand. Offset scissors or swivel scissors can minimise the strain on your wrists and fingers while also making your job easier.

Long-Blade Scissors

For cutting longer sections of hair, you’ll be relying on long-blade scissors. These scissors cut long straight lines, ensuring evenness and consistency. The longer blade means fewer cuts and therefore a lower margin of error.

The scissors-over-comb technique also works better with long-bladed scissors. You’ll be using this technique quite often in most hairstyles — particularly for shorter hair.

Thinning Shears

Learning the proper use of thinning shears can be a bit tricky. These shears are used to add texture or remove bulk — thinning hair while blending, without changing the overall style of the haircut. Thick and unmanageable hair usually warrant the need for thinning shears — and only experience can let you know the right amount of bulk to remove.

A career in hairstyling requires focus, skill, and hard work. Continually raising your proficiency with the tools of your craft and ensure that your clients remain happy.