Preparing for a Day of Tanning

Preparing for a Day of Tanning

a tanned-skin woman enjoying the breeze of the beachThe secret to getting an even tan is preparing for it. You do not just wake up one day and decide you will do the tanning that very moment. Your skin needs to be ready, ideally days in advance, but if you are running short on time, preparing a day or two beforehand should already be enough.

Here are the tasks to accomplish before you move on to the actual tanning process.

Moisturise the Skin

One of the problems of people who do not prepare their skin for the tanning process is dry skin. Dry skin causes uneven colouration, which you could have eliminated if you used moisturisers.

Even on the day of tanning, you need a moisturising sunscreen you can buy from online sellers such as Bali Body so that your skin will not be dry because of the process.


Along with moisturising, you also need to be exfoliating the skin. This removes the dead skin cells on the surface of the skin, leaving you with a soft and supple skin for the tanning process.

This also helps the tanning product’s absorption, and the colour will develop more evenly if there are no dead skin cells and bumps on the skin. Watch out for areas you do not normally pay attention to, such as the elbows and knees, as their slightly darker colour may cause uneven tanning if you are not careful.

Get Your Affairs in Order

On the day you intend to tan your skin, you will be spending hours under the sun or waiting for the colour to develop. Your clothes need to be comfortable so you can move around easily. You should also tailor your activities for the day to the time of your availability.

Imagine how difficult it would be if you needed to meet some clients while in the middle of developing a tan

Tanning products are there to help you get that sun-kissed glow on your skin, but you still need to prepare for the process beforehand. Take these tips to heart to avoid tanning mistakes.