Style Hacks: Three Pieces of Advice for Wearing a Vest

Style Hacks: Three Pieces of Advice for Wearing a Vest

woman wearing green vestMany style pundits and purists have frowned on the idea of wearing a vest. For these people, it is not a modish way of layering. It is tacky and unsightly. But to each is his own, so you can still wear your vest whenever you feel like it.

What you should do is wear it the right way—the way that will not make you look outdated. Luckily, there are a few ways you can look stylish and chic with a vest. Here are some classy and urbane ideas that you may want to apply to your style techniques.

Choose your style

The very first thing you should address is the style of vest. If you are to wear a woman’s western vest from A.A. Callister, you may want to go all rough with selvedge denim and oxford shirt. If you wear a long knitted vest, you may want to go for a white tank top paired with slacks and stilettos.

Pick the right color

Keep in mind that your vest is what will accentuate the style of your clothes, so you must pick the color that will match your wardrobe. For safe choices, black, grey, white, and other neutrals are your best bets. But you can always pick other colors, such as camel brown, pink, and even navy blue. Regardless, you have to make sure that your color choices are flexible.

Learn the art of layering

Wearing a vest means that you will go for layering. And it is something that many thinks is just for winter. For winter, you can top your vest with a trench coat or even a peacoat. But for sunny days, you can still go for layering with a tank top and a long vest. Accessorize with some costume jewelry if you want.

These are only some ways you can stay chic and classy with a vest. Be imaginative, and don’t be afraid to mix and match.