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Spice Things Up: Making Your Next Company Event More Memorable

Company events and functions require that you plan ahead to execute them properly. It would be good to schedule your corporate celebrations as part of your business plan for the year. To help you start your party planning, here are some vital pointers: Valentine’s Day Parties Valentine’s Day is the time of year where companies […]

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Tips for Applying for a Franchise Business

If you’re a newbie entrepreneur, one of your best options to succeed is to buy a business franchise. While it’s easier compared to building your own company from scratch, however, you still need to consider a lot of things when buying a franchise.  Franchise businesses such as Starlite Family Fun Center can offer you with professional […]

The Right Rock: 3 Things to Ask Your Jeweler When Looking for a Ring

Buying diamonds and other precious jewelry pieces may be one of the most personal errands you will do — knowing how these gems are associated with a special and very personal occasion. Considering the value and importance of these pieces, it’s best to get them from a jeweler in Utah that you can trust. When looking […]