The Different Types of Professional Hair Styling Shears

The Different Types of Professional Hair Styling Shears

Woman getting haircutThe most essential tool for hairdressing salons and barbershops is a pair of scissors or shears. The quality of your customer’s haircut depends on the type of scissors you use. A clean and accurate cut typically requires various kinds of professional shears.

Buying your hair shears or scissors online is your best option, as you will get to compare various choices and their prices. Buying them from a reputable vendor is, however, essential to ensure you get a reliable product.

Below are the different professional shears you should acquire for your shop.

Thinning Shears

People also call these chunking or texturising shears. Their base is similar to other types of shears, but their top has widely spaced teeth that remove small amounts of hair with each cut. This thins the hair without altering its overall style.

Hairstylists and barbers primarily use them on thick hair sections such as the back and sides to make them proportionate to the whole head.

Razor Shears

These are also texturising shears. Their base consists of a single loop meant for the hairdresser’s index finger while their top is one blade meant for texturising. Razor shears do not truly cut hair but instead give it a natural texture by changing its length.

Regular Shears

These are the popular type of hairdressing shears. Regular ones come in various styles and designs but typically have a conventional and simple make. Some ergonomic designs also have rubber finger inserts that allow adjustment of size and comfort for the fingers during cutting.

Maintaining your hairdressing shears is essential for their longevity. Clean them using a damp towel before storage and wipe them with alcohol if you use them for cutting coloured or permed hair. Weekly oiling is also an essential part of their maintenance.