The Right Rock: 3 Things to Ask Your Jeweler When Looking for a Ring

The Right Rock: 3 Things to Ask Your Jeweler When Looking for a Ring

Jeweler appraising gemBuying diamonds and other precious jewelry pieces may be one of the most personal errands you will do — knowing how these gems are associated with a special and very personal occasion. Considering the value and importance of these pieces, it’s best to get them from a jeweler in Utah that you can trust. When looking for a jeweler from whom you can buy diamonds and precious stones, AAA Jewelers suggests asking the following questions:

Where do you source your diamonds?

Jewelry owners are becoming more aware and conscious of where the diamonds come from. Asking your jeweler where they source their diamond is a legitimate question, especially for jewelry owners who don’t want their diamond to contribute to conflicts in war-torn countries. According to the Engagement Ring Bible, a jeweler needs to know where his or her diamond originated and should not try to hinder you from knowing, either.

What services do you offer?

When you’re looking for a good jeweler in Utah, it’s best to know what kind of service they can offer. Establishing a relationship with a jeweler is useful, mainly if you are looking to buy beyond your current need, Gulfcoast Coin reported. Among the different services to look for are resizing, resetting, cleaning, repair, custom design, and finding a precious stone with the help of a gemologist within their organization.

What are your policies on warranties and returns?

Finally, policies and warranties are essential for a long-term relationship. These policies exist to make sure that you and your jeweler are on the same page with production and schedule issues. It is also a necessary step to cover all your bases and avoid future problems, according to Jewelrywise. Best of all, it is one of the factors that can hopefully put your mind at ease so you can trust your jeweler with your valuable purchases.

Finding a great jeweler takes time and effort, mostly because you want to know the right answers to your questions and because he or she wants to provide all your jewelry needs.