These Can Lead to the Loss of Your Beloved Diamond Ring

These Can Lead to the Loss of Your Beloved Diamond Ring

diamond ringsWhen rings snag on fabrics, it is often a normal occurrence. This is especially true for those with intricate, pointy, or edged designs, as well as those with prongs to hold gems, such as diamonds.

However, there is a big difference between snagging that happens from time to time and snagging that always occurs whenever your ring comes into contact with your clothes, towels, etc.

You should have your ring checked by a professional jeweler as soon as you experience the latter, as jewelry expert The Diamond Family points out the major risks if you do not.

The longer you delay having it assessed and fixed, the worse the damage will get, and the greater the risk of you losing your precious possession.

When the prong goes wrong

In many cases, the most common culprit behind damages to gemmed rings is a faulty prong. Prongs, the tiny, claw-like metal parts of the ring, hold the stone securely in place, ensuring that it does not separate from the band.

Much thanks to their vise-like grip, you can rest assure that valuable gem remains in its proper position. However, prongs are not impervious to wear and tear. Age, combined with incorrect use and improper care and maintenance, can lead to the prongs’ early failure.

They can lose their hold on the stone, leading to it becoming loose and potentially even falling off.

Why these prong issues arise in the first place

No matter how strong and sturdy the construction of your ring is, it will sustain damages – and not just those affecting the prongs but the entire ring itself – if you have the habit of exposing it to chemicals. At home, these can be anywhere from household cleaning solutions to even bath and skin care essentials.

Regularly dipping in a pool filled with chlorine is also another reason behind these jewelry problems.

You definitely do not want to see your diamond gone, so as soon as you notice that snagging occurrences have increased in frequency, have a professional check and repair it right away.