Skin on Your Sheets: Three Benefits to Sleeping in Your Birthday Suit


Skin on Your Sheets: Three Benefits to Sleeping in Your Birthday Suit

SleepingMany people resort to extraordinary (maybe even shocking) ways to maximize the benefits of a good night’s sleep. One such technique is sleeping naked.

While sleeping in your birthday suit may seem like a far-off idea for some, science suggests that it’s the best sleepwear.

Here are some benefits to hitting the sheets naked:

1. It elevates comfort.

Pajamas often have tight elastic bands that impair blood circulation and disable blood flow to the organs such as the heart and other major arteries. Sleeping naked, meanwhile, lets you fall into deep sleep faster, as you tend to feel more relaxed and calm without any irritating elastics or fabric that twist and bunch up.

2. It lets your skin breathe.

Tight, constricting clothing is often the culprit behind skin diseases. Sleeping naked lets certain areas of your body such as your armpits, feet, and private parts, to breathe, rest, and regenerate. This prevents clogging of pores and consequently, skin diseases.

3. It lets you shed unwanted belly fat.

On a warm, restless night where sleep is elusive, your body tends to release higher levels of cortisol: the hormone linked directly to the production of belly fat. Higher cortisol levels also cause a host of other problems such as anxiety, stress, higher blood pressure, and lower libido.

Sleeping naked helps keep the body temperature down, which in turn offers the body many benefits. According to author and sleeping expert Shawn Stevenson, these benefits include the activation of your body’s “rest and digest” system and the release of certain reparative enzymes.

The Best Sheets for Naked Sleepers

Another important to a good night’s rest, especially for naked sleepers, is the right bedding. Natural fibers and fabrics are some of your best options, as these tend to be more breathable and kinder to your skin.

Look for a brand that carries an excellent selection of fine sheets made from natural materials, such as rayon from bamboo. You will sleep in fresh sheets longer, as they are resistant to odor and moisture. Made from 100% natural materials, they are incredibly soft and luxurious to touch, making them ideal for individuals with allergies.

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