Three Things to Look For in a Bar

Three Things to Look For in a Bar

Friends toasting before a liquor shotBars today are a dime a dozen; you can find one in almost every street in major cities in Ontario. With numerous establishments to choose from, it can be hard to pick a bar where you and your colleagues can enjoy a drink.

If you’re looking for a great bar in Markham, Ontario, don’t just choose based on the price range of menu. Also consider the atmosphere, types of entertainment, and whether there are television screens and cable available.

1. Atmosphere

The atmosphere is important as it affects your overall enjoyment. Find a bar with lots of space, a comfortable lounge area, and a fully licensed and stocked bar. Avoid ones that are cramped and dark and makes you feel uncomfortable and unsafe. Music and entertainment are welcome; but; if you want to talk to your companions, choose a bar that plays jazz or any pleasant background music. These are the set-ups that can help you and your friends relax.

2. Fun Activities

People go to bars to have a drink, but they don’t say no to a fun round of darts or billiards.

Billiards is an easy game that newbies can quickly pick up. Moreover, pool tables encourage people to have fun and socialize. Customers who come alone can join in a pairs match and meet new friends. Likewise, groups can interact with one another while having a friendly competition. These explain why some of the most popular bars in Markham have at least one pool table.

3. TVs

If you’re a sports fan, a sports bar is your best bet. They have high-definition flat screens mounted high on the walls. On any regular days, those screens will show numerous sporting events. During the World Cup season, however, those screens will only show one channel. If you like an electric and festive atmosphere and want to meet other sports fanatics, look for a sports bar. They’re the ones that boast excellent television screens.

Bars that offer these three are often the ones that are worth returning to. Beyond amenities and features, however, the best bar is the one where you feel most comfortable and relaxed. Keep these in mind the next time you go bar hopping.