Tips on Wearing a Swimsuit for Your Body Type

Tips on Wearing a Swimsuit for Your Body Type

a sexy woman at the poolWomen have different shapes and sizes, but all of them secretly wishes to look good in a swimsuit. The problem is, most women look for the style they want instead of what will be perfect for their body type. It’s important to remember that designers and boutiques that sell swimsuits carry various designs and styles to help women find what works best for them.

Revel Rey, for example, offers the latest and trendiest designs to flatter any figure. Women just need to be familiar and accepting of what shapes and cuts are best for them.

Love Your Curves​

Curvy women have been covering their curves for far too long. Thanks to social media, though, celebrities have made curves more fashionable and desirable. For curvy frames with full busts, hips, bums, and thighs, experts recommend asymmetrical suits or color-blocked designs. High waist and boxy halter top combos are very much in fashion and are trendy because retro prints are back.

Flat Isn’t Boring​

Flat-chested or flat-bottomed women need not despair. The athletic types who lack curves can also look for cuts and shapes that are more forgiving. Nowadays, the trend is to mix and match tops and bottoms. The tops can be bandeau or triangle-shaped while the bottoms can be high-cut or boy leg shaped, depending on the “problematic area”. Ruffles and shirring give the illusion of a fuller chest area.

Pear Shaped Remedies​

Pear-shaped figures have slim tops and plump bottoms. Among the celebrities with this shape are Jennifer Lopez and Beyoncé. Despite this, they always rock their swimsuits and wear very revealing outfits when they perform. For the swimwear, look for pieces that draw attention to the top, such as a plunging neckline. You should also show off your curves so a bare midriff will be flattering for you.

There’s no need to be insecure about your figure. By knowing your shape and being open to suggestions from fashion experts, you’ll be able to rock a swimsuit no matter what body type.