Tips to Give Your Salon Clients with Thick Hair Dilemmas

Tips to Give Your Salon Clients with Thick Hair Dilemmas

a woman wiping her wet hairThe hair is every woman’s crowning glory. Regardless of their hairstyle, if they have healthy hair, then their beauty will significantly be affected. However, due to DNA, genes and other environmental circumstances, one’s hair can end up thick, frizzy and hard to manage.

As their hairdresser, it is your job to help them tame their hair down. From professional treatment to home remedies, you can help them enjoy their thick hair and feel confident with it. Here are the things you should tell them not do to their hair:

Fear of layers

Clients with thick hair problems often refuse to change their hairstyles, specifically have layered cuts, in fear of having even more unmanageable hair. Explain to them that on the contrary, having the right layers will not only help their hair calm down but also give it added style. You can use hair thinning scissors from an NZ store when styling your clients with thick hair.

Wrong shampoo and conditioner type

It may be a trial and error process but finding the right shampoo and conditioner is every woman’s ticket to having beautiful hair. Help your clients find the right combination that can manage their frizzy hair. You can also advise them to go natural by using coconut oil and aloe vera.

Wrong brush

The brush they use brush can also make a difference, especially when they have coarse hair. Tell them to invest in brushes that can improve the quality of their hair strands.

Washing too frequently

Washing the hair regularly every other day is ideal. Washing frequently (every day or even twice a day) strips the hair of its natural moisture, making it dry and frizzy.

Have clients with thick hair problems? Maybe they are guilty of one of these things. Assist them in changing their hair approach so that they will enjoy their long locks, minus the frizz.