Top 3 Wedding Planning Mistakes You Must Avoid

Woman choosing a wedding dress

Top 3 Wedding Planning Mistakes You Must Avoid

Woman choosing a wedding dressHaving a perfect wedding day that is free of mishaps is what every couple dreams of. However, there are mistakes that you can make that can ruin your big day. The good news, however, is that most of these can be averted.

1. Planning before preparing the guest list

There is so much excitement that comes with planning one’s wedding. And the desire to get things done can push you to start planning early. You begin booking the venue, getting the best wedding rental decor in Denver, CO like Alexan Events, and hiring the best catering services. However, this hurry can later be detrimental to your whole planning. Instead, you should have your guest list before you make any move. This is because most of the things are tied to your guest list, and its number will determine most of the details mentioned above.

2. Failure to have an alternative plan

This is what is commonly known as “plan B.” It is easy for a couple to plan everything, then sit and wait. However, the ability to foresee the unexpected can make the difference between a dream wedding day and one full of hiccups. So, have a plan B for the major elements. For example, if you are planning a garden wedding, make sure to prepare for wet weather. This way, you will be sure that you are covered in the event where things take an unexpected turn.

3. Interfering with the service providers’ work

When hiring your service providers, be it a deco company, a videographer, or a caterer, you will naturally go for the best. They will most likely ask you what you expect and what you envision your wedding to be like. Owing to their experience and expertise, they will do their best to deliver you what you want. However, most people make a mistake of micromanaging them. Remember, you hired professionals, and it is only prudent that you let them do their job.

Having a memorable wedding day has everything to do with the planning. When you get your planning right, everything else follows suit. This is more the reason you should avoid some mistakes that could prove costly in the end.