Understanding the Differences: Bath Gels, Body Wash, and Bar Soap

Understanding the Differences: Bath Gels, Body Wash, and Bar Soap

a woman washing her faceStanding in the grocery aisle contemplating whether you should grab a bar soap, a body wash, or a bath gel is a common scene. After all, with numerous advertisements in television and print, knowing which the right one for your skin can really be confusing.

Therefore, it pays to understand the difference between a shower and bath gel from a body wash and a bar soap. Hopefully, after reading this guide, your next trip to the grocery won’t bring you as much dilemma as before.

Bath Gel

The aim of a bath gel is to keep your body clean. It usually comes in strong fragrances that remind you of your favorite flower or fruit. In terms of consistency, bath gels are thicker. It is a good choice for people who have normal and oily skin.

Body Wash

A body wash is often interchanged with bath gels, but they have differences when it comes to consistency. Body wash is thinner and can pass like dish washing liquids. It also smells good, but not as strong as body gels. Also, it is ideal for people who would want their skin to be moisturized.

Bar Soap

Bar soap looks totally different from bath gels and body wash. They’re the most common (and traditional) type of soap, with a goal to keep your body clean. Many people still use bar soap because they leave you with that fresh clean feeling. But, if you have naturally dry skin, you might want to skip this or find moisturizing bar soap alternatives.

Which one is the best for you?

The answer to this question would depend on your skin type. People who have dry skin are likely to benefit more from using body wash. Those who have combination and oily skin can choose between bath gels and bar soaps. Also, do not forget to look into the ingredients when making a choice. Going for natural ones are always better than chemical-based and synthetic alternatives.

Keep these things in mind and make your next bath essentials purchase an easy walk in the park (or the grocery aisle).