Want to Work in Beauty and Fashion? The 4 Must-Haves to Put in Your List

Makeup and hairstyle work

Want to Work in Beauty and Fashion? The 4 Must-Haves to Put in Your List

Makeup and hairstyle workThe beauty and fashion industry is one of those seemingly glamorous jobs out there, yet if you see it in a microscopic level, you’ll learn that you have to get down and get yourself dirty to be successful. It’s the hard work of the people behind it that makes it look so effortlessly glossy and glitzy from the outside.

If you’ve always known that a career in the beauty and fashion industry is the only path for you, you need to have the following:

1. Knowledge and Skills

You may have taken a serious interest in beauty and fashion since you were young — watching Hollywood movies, browsing every old and new edition of magazines, and even taking notes. You may have an innate skill in beautifying and styling other people, but the industry is highly dynamic that you can’t be stuck. You need to keep on learning.

Enroll yourself in night classes, if necessary. Consider internship and mentorship programs to learn from the best. Read, especially if you want to take a more specialised area that requires certain technical skills.

2. Portfolio

Keep track of the works you do by documenting them through photos or videos. If you’re still a nobody in the industry, landing a job or just a gig for bigger projects would be close to impossible. Nonetheless, if you have what it takes, and you can present it nicely through your portfolio, you’ll never know who can discover you next.

Frances Mazur who has been connecting talents to their dream jobs says that narrating stories through visuals is an effective way to make a good impression. Keeping a portfolio is also useful for your personal development; you’ll see how your styles transition and you’ll soon be able to find your unique style.

3. Tools

Remember that before you could generate income, you’ll need to make a lot of serious investments. Aside from taking formal courses, you need to be properly equipped. You may argue that it’s all about talent, but no. To heighten your skills, you need to have the right tools.

If you’re a makeup artist, for example, it’s difficult to take you seriously if you use unknown brands. The same goes if you want to be a hairdresser; you need to have the best set of hair stylist scissors. A second-rate equipment won’t do.

4. Network

Lastly, value every person you come across in the industry. Emily Hively, a Regional Visual Coordinator for a fashion brand, suggests talking to everyone you get to work with. It’s a small industry where people know one another, and you want to be someone who is respected.

Working in the beauty and fashion industry has its own rewards, but before you’re able to reap the benefits, you have to toil like everybody else. To break into the industry and make a lasting impression, be sure you remember every item in this list.