What are Dental Implants?

What are Dental Implants?

woman with dental implant in clinicPatients who have experienced wearing dentures, whether full or partial will understand some of the many drawbacks. Dentures require rigorous cleaning, to be removed at night-time, they can move around uncomfortably while talking and eating, and some find the experience embarrassing. What denture wearers may not know however is that opting for dentures is also opting for slow and silent deterioration of the jawbone, something that not all dental practitioners will tell you. When you lose even a single tooth, bone loss will occur. Patients will experience movement of surrounding teeth resulting in a change of their bite. There are also serious health risks related to poorly managed tooth loss.

Many dental practices in the UK, such as Warrendale Dental, offer dental implants as a solution to tooth loss. Dental implants are considered the superior method of tooth replacement and more and more people are choosing to go with dental implants in Herefordshire over traditional prosthetics such as dentures.

The difference with dental implants

Dental implants are replacement tooth roots that are screwed into the jawbone. As the root of the tooth is replaced as well as the crown, the jawbone recognises and responds by maintaining its healthy function. In Herefordshire, dental implants are the only method of tooth restoration that allows natural maintenance of healthy bone. When dental implants are inserted, they bond with the existing natural bone, becoming a sturdy base for new custom-made crowns.

Dental implants can save the day

The good news is, for those who have recently lost a tooth, well-placed implants can be arranged. They will look and feel like normal healthy teeth. Caring for them is just like caring for your natural teeth: brush, floss and get regular dental cleaning and checks.

In Herefordshire, dental implants are the closest tooth replacement option available to healthy, natural teeth. They allow people to live their life as normal, without worrying about their teeth. When a dental implant procedure is performed by a trained and experienced dentist, the surgery is one of the most predictable procedures in dentistry, and is no more uncomfortable than having a filling.