What You Need to Know: A First Timer’s Guide to Waxing

What You Need to Know: A First Timer’s Guide to Waxing

Woman waxing her legsHaving a lot of hair is good if you have it in the right places. But if you have it in the wrong ones, like in your underarm or legs, getting rid of it would be a priority. While there are many ways to remove excess hair, not all of them last long.

One of the most effective, safe, and cost-efficient ways to remove unwanted hair is through waxing. His and Her’s Waxing noted that a good parlor can take care of your hair problems and make sure that the hair grows slower or not come back at all.

Regardless of the body part where you want your hair removed, here are some tips to help first timers get through their appointments:

Do a test wax

Waxes are made of different chemicals. Consult with your dermatologist first before you get your treatment. Do a test wax using patches to make sure that your body will not respond to the wax negatively.

It will hurt the first time

The result is stunning, but there’s no gain if there’s no pain. Waxing is one of them. It will hurt, especially if it’s your first time. Having high pain tolerance helps, but if you think you cannot handle it, taking pain relievers would definitely help.

Seek professional help

There are home wax kits you can do by yourself. However, if this is your first time, asking a professional waxing salon to help you is recommended to ensure proper procedure.

Take proper after-care measures

Waxing is painful because your skin goes through a forceful extraction of hair follicles from the roots. Therefore, proper TLC is necessary after every procedure. Avoiding hot water and flushing it with cold water is always a good start. Your waxing specialist will help you with the proper aftercare guidelines, so better ask their advice.

Thinking of waxing soon? Take these tips with you to have a better first time waxing experience.