What You Need to Know Before Having Your Teeth Bleached

What You Need to Know Before Having Your Teeth Bleached

A girl with a nice smile and the dentistHaving a set of clean, white teeth adds to a bright and friendly smile. Moreover, for people whose careers depend on having the perfect smile, having pearly white teeth is a requirement. It’s not just about keeping up appearances, though. Dentists who offer teeth whitening services in Napa say some patients have severely stained teeth because of smoking, caffeine consumption, or health issues. 

For these cases, brushing with whitening toothpaste alone won’t do the job. Dentists recommend whitening or bleaching procedures, with one caveat: the patient must have healthy teeth. So, here are some things to do before a teeth whitening procedure:

1. Get fillings

Before whitening or bleaching, the dentist will first address the more pressing dental problems or issues you may have. If you have cavities and plaque, the teeth will first be cleaned and assessed for damaged. Teeth which need fillings or amalgams will be treated first before the actual whitening procedures.

2. Clear your schedule for the day

The whitening process involves the application of a gel for several minutes. This gel must not touch the gums or lips, so patients are asked to wear a mouth guard while the teeth are exposed to a laser. There are usually three rounds of application and laser exposure per session so be prepared to spend several hours at your dentist’s office.

3. Make lifestyle changes

If your teeth were stained or yellowed due smoking or drinking too much coffee and tea, prepare to make some lifestyle changes to maintain the pristine condition of your pearly whites. Your dentist will tell you that the effects of bleaching are not permanent; the stains will eventually come back if nothing is done to prevent discoloration once more.

If you think you need teeth whitening or bleaching, always consult a professional. Your dentist is in the best position to assess your dental health and make recommendations for treatments like this.