What You Should Know When Choosing a Wedding Venue

What You Should Know When Choosing a Wedding Venue

wedding venueFor those of you who are about to marry, congratulations! However, planning for the big day is no cakewalk. And perhaps nothing is more important than the wedding venue. There are tons of wedding venues here in Tunbridge Wells to choose from.

That’s where the problem lies. People have so many choices that it’s difficult to choose. To make it easier, here are a few tips.

What to Avoid

Look at your guest list. It’s understandable to have a large extended family. Not to mention, a sizeable group of friends. Before booking a venue, make sure that the place can accommodate all. Otherwise, everything would be pointless. Guests will be waiting for seats that won’t free up, for instance.

Also, consider whether the venue fits the wedding theme. If there were none, choosing a site would be easier. As much as possible, however, a theme should be followed through and through. This isn’t about being a stickler. The more the venue matches the theme, the less decorating needed.

It’s All About the Experience

In truth, the wedding venue does little to the experience of the marrying couple. For them, the marriage itself is enough. Choosing a proper site is for the guests’ pleasurable experience. Will they enjoy the views? Will the place be very accessible? Are there enough parking spaces for everyone?

All these questions matter if the guests are to have a great time.

What’s Your Budget?

This is self-explanatory. Going all out on the venue is good (it’s for a great guest experience, after all), but make sure it’s within the budget. Drafting a budget allows one to narrow down choices and keep tabs on spending.

Specific things like décor and the food (if there’s in-house catering) can drive the cost up. A huge chunk of the budget goes to the venue itself, so it’s important to keep this in mind.

Follow these handy tips and choosing a wedding venue will be a bit easier.