Work and Play: 3 Fun Ideas for Your Next Corporate Team Building Exercise

Work and Play: 3 Fun Ideas for Your Next Corporate Team Building Exercise

a group of friends in a circleOne of the biggest contributors to a company’s continued success is its workforce. A company with a team of employees who trust one another and work together as one can achieve goals and objectives much faster and more efficiently than teams that don’t have this synergy.

While the best teams take years to build that kind of trust and commitment, certain exercises can speed up the process and make it fun.

Laser Tag

One of the most popular activities for groups, laser tag is beloved by people from all over the country, from big metros like New York to smaller cities like Edwardsville. Laser tag involves teams of people wearing light-sensitive vests and wielding laser guns (don’t worry, they’re harmless) which they use to “eliminate” one another from the game.

Depending on the venue, teams can be divided into 2, 3, or more. Laser tag is one of those activities where teamwork and precision, and not individual glory, are the qualities that lead you to victory.

Escape Rooms

As one of the newer options for team building exercises, escape rooms are a fun way to engage entire teams and get them to exercise critical thinking, cooperation, and leadership. Escape Rooms are physical adventure games that require players to solve a series of puzzles and riddles to literally escape a locked room.

Most escape rooms will have a theme, like mystery or horror. Choose one that every person in the team can agree on, and let the puzzle-solving begin.

Wall Climbing

Although physically demanding, wall climbing is a great way to build closer relationships between individuals, as climbers have to trust in their belayers and vice-versa. Wall climbing can be tiring, but it is also a highly satisfying activity that tests body, mind, and inter-cooperation skills between members of a group.

Getting employees to engage in these exercises not only relieves office stress, it also enables them to develop deeper bonds of trust and commitment.